From Chinese Democracy to Parisian Thievery!!

Axl Rose had a few of his necklaces stolen after a show in Paris.  Not many ... just $200,000 worth.  (Where the hell is he buying his necklaces??)

No official story as to how the necklaces got from his neck to a Frenchmans pocket but I'm betting that is gonna be a story in itself!


Buzz Adams and The KLAQ Morning Show recently did a story about a couple of English kids that had to leave a G n R concert early to catch their train home.  They only got to see 3 songs because Axl and company (gasp!!) started the concert a couple of hours late. 

Paris and England aren't that far apart you know.  I wonder where they were when this went down?!?! 

Whether it was them or karma; paybacks a b**ch Axl!!