Guns n' Roses singer, Axl Rose was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night. Kimmel even opened up the show by saying, "I want to welcome you all to the jungle" then kinda swinging in there what time Rose would show up. Surprisingly he was on time.


Not all topics most of us would like to talk about were mentioned, but he did share "the most evil thing" he's ever done in his life (funny how this tops everything else). Turned out to be a Halloween prank. (Its actually kinda funny ... something I would do) He would put up a 'Halloween Tree', basically a Christmas Tree with orange and black decor for Halloween parties.

When the tree was spotted, he would pretend that everyone except poor kids had one. When the kids would just stare at it wondering what it was, he would tell them, "What ... you don't have a Halloween Tree?" They'd say no and he'd give them a present. Then of course, the parents would call him up cursing at him. (Maybe instead of just putting one Christmas Tree downtown ... we can also put a Halloween Tree. Make it all Nightmare Before Christmas El Paso style!)


He mainly went on the show to promote the 12-date residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas starting on Halloween night. However, he did very little self-promotion and just answered Kimmel's questions.

The frontman ended his interview in a pleasant spirit conducive to his entire appearance, revealing that pairs of tickets to Guns N' Roses' upcoming Vegas shows were hidden under select seats in the audience (wonder if that was true ... must've lost a lot of peoples' attention on that one, as they all reached down to see if they got them). He also informed Kimmel that he'd chartered a truck from famed Los Angeles eatery Tommy's Burgers for everyone to partake of.(How nice of him ... after confessing his little tree story!)