I am guessing rice commercials in Thailand are extremely weird. This one involves three gorgeous women and one lonely farmer. I have no idea how this relates to fertilizer but does it matter?

Before you start thinking this is a possibly orgy, it seems this guy is hallucinating. As this hardworking farmer is tending to his crops, three hot women magically appear and start mesmerizing the farmer.

They start bumping and grinding to some music, I guess coming from the birds, and get this guy all hot and bothered. The climax of this commercial is really creepy, as a huge object pops up from the ground and the farmer gives the grossest facial expressions.

Check out what exactly happens when the farmer and the crops reach their peak! You just might want to become a farmer. If this doesn't happen in America, you might just want to move to Thailand. The only fear found in the comment section of this video on YouTube, was that these sexy women might be men! I really doubt that but you can watch and decide!