An Italian man has posted an experiment involving coke, mentos, condoms and nutella on YouTube to break a world record. No one knows what world record he is trying to break or what he is even doing but it is hilarious.

This experiment looks like a magic trick gone wrong. Everyone is trying to figure out what this guy is doing so that's probably why people are continuing to share it around social media. This guy says he just broke a world record but no one knows what record that is.

This crazy man decided to grab a liter of coke, spread some nutella on the opening and then place a condom that is filled with mentos on top. He tapes it all together and then the condom starts to fill up.

Once the condom pops in his face, he starts jumping around and acting like he just cured cancer. I am beyond confused but incredibly intrigued. I feel that I am eventually going to end up trying on a very boring day.