They could either be the coolest family ever, or be the next episode of Animal Planet's Fatal Attraction.


Ari Borges adopted two tigers he rescued from a circus that was treating the big cats horribly. Since then, he has adopted another five tigers and has invited them into his family and his home. His three daughters and his wife all eat, sleep and spend their days sharing their lives with the tigers.

The oldest daughter even has a special bond with one of the tigers swimming with him, feeding him, and having him hang out in her bedroom! It sounds like the coolest living situation ever. The problem? Her husband doesn't like it and is upset that their toddler daughter is allowed around the animals, even riding the tigers in the living room.

Ari is now planing to open a 40 acre park for the tigers to roam free. Until then though, the tigers are going to run around the house with him and his family.

I love this but I do wonder if it is the wisest thing to have seven of these wild animals running around your home. When do the tigers get to the point where you're less friend, and more food?