Having trouble making a call? Well, there's an explanation for that. 

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AT&T users in El Paso and Las Cruces have been complaining about not receiving or being able to make phone calls. A representative from AT&T said that there is a huge network issue that is affecting North Texas, Lubbock, Amarillo and West Texas. Users have complained of spotty coverage and the company is aware of this issue. AT&T said that this problem should be fixed within the next hour to hour and a half. There are already nationwide "trouble tickets" already made within the company by multiple AT&T customers and they are working on it. However they did say that most users should have their service already back and running.

If you are still having trouble with your service, AT&T has recommended you power cycle your phone and then see if it works. If you try to call the service helpline, they are already working on the problem so better to wait it out. If you want to still call, click here.