Gustavo Arellano the author of  the "Ask  A Mexican" syndicated column that What's Up magazine runs, was on the KLAQ Morning show today to talk about his column and his new book

Gustavo is  the editor in chief at the OC Weekly alternative pub out of Orange County.  He's here  in El Paso today to promote his latest book "Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America." He will be at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on Sunland Park Dr at 6p.m. today signing autographs and answering questions.

During the interview we found out how the column started.


"It started out as a joke but then it took a life of its own and now has evolved into what it is now."

Gustavo also takes calls from listeners wanting to Ask a Mexican in this first part of the interview:

In this final segment of the interview Gustavo talks about the his new book and he talks about how an El Paso favorite made it into the book.

"I have Chicos Tacos #2 in the top 5 Mexican dishes in America"

Gustavo also talks about his column being racist:

"People don't realize that the column is satire, so every ethnic group is gonna get the ethnic slur thats thrown at them."