Wake up a little tired today? Duke Keith of The KLAQ Morning Show sure was dragging ass earlier!!

In case you missed it; Duke dozed off during the show this morning and, of course, took a LOT of grief for it from Buzz, Mando and Teresa!  Apparently Duke had a crazy weekend (hockey games, the sports expo, Q business) and was juuuuuuust a little run down.  I feel the same way today (for pretty much the same reason) and listening to everbody pick on Duke got me thinking about sleep.

You wouldn't think of "sleep" as being something you can do wrong; but it happens!  If you haven't been sleeping well lately, don't just chalk it up to stress, crazy hours or noisy neighbors.  It could be what you ate or drank, when you did it, how you breathe or a number of other things!!

Even if you go to bed early, you can still feel worn out if you don't sleep properly. The sleep cycle is delicate and can be messed up without you even realizing how much you are missing.  Here are a few things that can jack up your sleep patterns:

ACID REFLUX.  If your tummys upset, you're not going to rest.  Everyones had this at one time or another, but at night it often doesn't display the usual "burning" symptoms you'd expect so you don't suspect it!  Try these suggestions if you think this might be your problem:

Don't eat for at least two hours before going to bed.

Avoid acid-causing foods (heavy sauces, spicy food, fatty meats, and citrus for example!)

Alcohol can stimulate reflux so lay off the nightcap!

Aspirin or other painkillers are hard on the stomach and on your throat so avoid them before bed if possible.

Chew gum!!  Gum increses saliva which reduces acid ... just don't fall asleep with it. You don't want to start your day trying to get that stuff out of your hair!!

Sleep on your left side. Seriously! For some reason; acid clears out of the esophagus faster if you're on your left side.  (If you sleep on your back, keep your head and shoulders elevated!)

Finally ... duh ... If all this doesn't work, take an antacid.


Sounds stupid, but it happens and it will mess up your sleep pattern without you neccesarily catching on to what's happening.  Basically, you're "twitching" at night which keeps you from falling into a deep sleep.  If you suspect this try these tips:

Walk and/or stretch well before bed.

Eat foods high in iron and B vitamins. (red meat, spinach, leafy green veggies!)

See a doctor!!  Remember, I'm just a DJ....... 


Well not the room itself but; how often you wander in there.  If you're up and down to pee 50 times a night, obviously you are not resting.  You can cut down on your trips with these tips:

Avoid liquids 3 hours before bed. (Coffee, tea and alcohol in particular can keep your bladder busy!)

Use the bathroom right before you go to bed.  Don't mean to treat you like a child here; but sometimes you don't think about it!

Get checked out by a doctor. 

(Again .... I'm just a DJ trying to sound like he knows what he's talking about)  There are several medical reasons that can cause the twilight tinkles!

See a dentist as well.  Some people grind their teeth at night which prohibits good, sound sleep. Unless your partner sits up and watched you; you'll never know you're doing it!  A dentist though can spot the extra wear and tear.

I'll wrap up with 2 that are pretty well known and also pretty easy to deal with. 


Basically, some people stop doing it from time to time.  The body feaks out because there's no oxygen coming in and wakens you to start it again.  This ones pretty easy to treat with over the counter stuff.  In severe cases, a doctor can hook you up with treatments/devices.


I know, I know ....... hate to admit it, but it's true.  It sucks but if you party til 3 and have to get up at 6 you're gonna be running on empty that day.  Even when you're as good at it as I am; it still leaves you worn out and tired.  It doesn't have to be a full blown party night either; even just a couple of drinks can throw off your sleep rythym.  The alcohol itself affects your sleep, plus it makes you thirsty.  That leaves you waking up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water!


YOU may be sleeping great, but if honey bunny is up and down and snoring and twitching; then you're not resting well either!!

If you suspect a sleep disorder, see a doctor!  At least do some homework .... I found all this on the web in a "spur of the moment" search.  There is LOTS more info out there!

Summing it all up;

If you're heading for Cincinatti St.; go early!

If you're heading for Chicos; go early!

If you twitch and grind; see a specialist!

If that special someone has issues; put 'em on the couch!!

(If you're Duke Keith; lay off the hockey, doughnuts and sports expos!!)

Nighty night!!