Plenty of bad news for Lindsay Lohan today. First off, she may have been dumped from the Downtown Women's Shelter in Los Angeles...where she was supposed to work off the bulk of her community service. Second her teefusses is nasty, and so is her hand!

On the record, all we know is what Lindsay's rep said yesterday: Lindsay is now serving her community service at the Red Cross, and we're not providing any comment beyond that." Unofficially, what we've heard is that the shelter got fed up with her because she no-showed NINE different times she was scheduled to be there.  And when she DID show, she would hang for about an hour, then split. Sources say she's barely made a dent in her community service commitment. Lindsay was ordered to serve 360 hours at the shelter and another 120 at the county morgue.

She has a status hearing next Wednesday, and things might not go too well. On the other hand, she was given a year to complete her hours, so this probably isn't something that'll send her back to jail.

But Lindsay might have more to worry about than her community service. It looks like HER TEETH ARE ROTTING! Lindsay showed up on the red carpet of a video game launch party Wednesday night, and her teeth were yellow-stained and NASTY. And notice it also looks like she caught her hand in a garbage disposal. (Check out some pics here.)