I can't take you all to the Planetarium; so lets just step outside!

Time to unleash my inner geek!!  I'm kind of into astronomy and I just read about something kinda cool that's coming up this month.

Most of us have seen Venus, can identify the big dipper and (I'm pretty sure) everybody could point out the moon if they had to prove they're smarter than a 5th grader.

The planet Mercury though is damn near impossible to find.  Except for this month!  The sun typically blocks Mercury as they hang out close to each other.  This month though, Mercury drifts away from the sun far enough that we can see the little guy in the early morning hours.  (Or, if you're like me, just as you're going to bed!)

Should be pretty cool! Normally, you need to head way out of town ... to escape the light pollution ... for the best places to star gaze. (Red Sands, or anywhere out along 54 beyond The Edge Of Texas restaurant usually work well!)  This time though, there isn't a  light issue.  Since the suns coming up anyway, you should be able to spot Mercury from pretty much anywhere!   (With a little luck, we'll all get a peek at Uranus also ... haa!!)

Here's where to look courtesy of yahoo.com:

Now, if they don't turn on that green laser I have nooo idea how to spot it.  Look for that big cloud I guess!  :)