Remember last month when USC Linebacker Tony Burnett tweeted something disrespectful about El Paso? Well apparently Lane Kiffin can’t handle his boys because another player tweeted something ignorant about El Paso again last night.

Freshman defensive tackle Leonard Williams wanted his 10 seconds of fame, too, so he tweeted “Out here in El Paso. Sh***y city but glad I can enjoy this moment wit the USC family.”


Almost as classy as Lane Kiffin and the team showing up an hour and a half late to the Sun Bowl dinner last night. Georgia Tech was there on time. USC, however, was not. By the time the Trojans got to the dinner, Georgia Tech’s team had finished and left.... with class.

Of course, Williams has since apologized on Twitter saying, "I also think the people in El Paso are very welcoming and made me feel at home. Once again I apologize for speaking with out thinking.”

Hey Leonard, you’re an ungrateful douchebag. Oh sorry, that “just came out wrong.” I’ll think before I speak next time.

It’s not surprising the defense clearly lacks class and discipline. I’m quite familiar with defensive coordinator Ed Orgeron, former coach of my beloved Ole Miss Rebels. He was such a disgrace and embarrassment to our university, there’s a parody song about his failures as head coach.


So who are you rooting for in the 2013 Hyundai Sun Bowl? Go Tech!

In case you need one last reason to cheer for Tech, this video...