How many of these did you see/deal with last night?

The Shinedown concert last night was awesome but I did see some bad concert etiquette here and there.  I found a list of concert no-nos online and that got me thinking about last night.  The crowd wasn't huge so it wasn't terribly bad but I did see a few things from the list.

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"The Filmer".  You know, the guy who films the entire freaking show.  Not his favorite song, not a really brutal mosh pit, not a girl flashing her boobs but the whole damn thing.  (There were a few of those. I can prove it ... I filmed them!)

"The Shover"  Didn't really see a lot of people shoving their way forward when the lights dropped, but that is also one of my buttons.  If you want to be on the rail, get there hours early!!  (Like the people who are already on it did!)

"The Caller".  It's loud as hell in the venue and all you're going to do is yell "what" 50 times and then hang up.  Don't even answer the thing unless it's your babysitter or something.  (And then go outside to do it, I'm trying to hear the band!!)

"The Slosher".  The guy with the full beer who insists on waving his hands in the air to the beat thus giving everyone around him a nice brew shower.  (Even more time in hell for the guy who throws his damn beer at the stage!!)

Those are just a couple of my personal gripes, read the whole list and add your own complaints below or on the Q facebook page!