AIC have begun their tour and I have a sample for you!

Alice In Chains kicked off their tour last Thursday in Miami Beach. (They're out in support of "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" which drops May 28th! You can pre-order your copy here.)

They mixed a couple of the new tracks in with the older AIC material for an 18 song set!

Them Bones

Dam That River

Rain When I Die


Check My Brain

It Ain’t Like That

Your Decision

Got Me Wrong


Last Of My Kind

Down In A Hole



We Die Young


For encores, they did:

Man In The Box

No Excuses


Want to see them live and in person yourself?  There's a link below to help you catch them in Phoenix ... for FREE!  In the meantime, here's about 1/3 of the Miami Beach show.  Grab a cold one or two and get comfy!

I saved my favorite track for last!  Hopefully, at some point on this tour, they'll come see us again, right now Albuquerque is closest.  If you'd like to be flown to see them and a TON of other rockers on the Uproar tour in Phoenix, click on the link to enter the contest at!

 Good luck!!