If you missed this show, you better have a good excuse!

The masters of madness rocked El Paso hard last night! The shows were amazing and the props completed the whole experience.

We all know how Marilyn Manson feels about bibles, so of course he ripped one up last night and I just want to congratulate the lucky man who ran out of the building last night after he caught it! You deserved that round of applause as you waved it around and ran.

The great Alice Cooper couldn't let Manson have all the fun. He riled up the audience by throwing his canes, whips, some necklaces, money and even had someone spit blood on the audience after making out with his severed head.

During "Feed My Frankenstein", Alice invited a giant friend on stage. It was so cool to see this massive monster because I am a nerd and like to watch "Making Monsters", which actually did a episode on creating this prop. I don't have the best video for this so you get a wide view but I found someone's video who was able to get a better look.

For his big finale, Alice loses his head. Yes, main characters die at concerts too. He has this crazy one legged nurse come out to help kill him. She is strangely sexy. I loved every minute of it!

Again, my sad Galaxy quality of a video followed by the better quality.

Long live the madness! Shout out to the drunk guys next to me imitating Wayne's World.