An undercover drug operation went south Friday and a cop was shot by another cop.

Albuquerque police department detectives were making an undercover drug buy when the shooting happened.  One officer drove the suspected drug dealers to a hotel where they got approximately $60 worth of meth. When the officer signaled other officers to make the arrest, the shooting started.

APD is being pretty quiet about this but witnesses reported hearing 5 shots and said the officer was hit multiple times.  Some also said people filming at the scene had their cell phones confiscated by police.

The APD has been having a rough time lately with regard to officer-involved shootings and police brutality claims.  According to, APD has had 41 officer-involved shootings, resulting in 27 deaths.

The Albuquerque police chief has even stated that he is "stuck with officers who should not be on the force".

In April, a homeless man was shot and killed by an officer who, allegedly, had earlier threatened to "shoot him in the penis". The officers involved in that one have since been charged with murder.