Attention ladies and gentleman! There is a contest that exists that lets you show off the moves you use in the sack! The only difficult part about the contest is you don't have a partner but just a damn floor. In the contest you have to work with what you got (which is nothing) just yourself and being creative. The ladies in the contest made it pretty damn sexual while another made it a joke.

The first chick is very seductive with the moves she busts out on the floor and also gorgeous in looks. She used her belt from her jeans as a prop pretending it was a penis to help with her performance.

On the other hand, the chick with the wig decided to have a little fun with her acting. She multi tasked and by that pretended she was doing more than just one person in the sack. Not only did she multi task but also had the same sex in her performance with lezbionish action.

If you had to put money on who would win the air sex contest, who do you have faith in to win?