Football season is still a ways off but an old controversy is already being revived!

The NFL doesn't officially begin the 2014 - 2015 season until September but a certain team is already making headlines over an issue that goes back years.  The Washington Redskins, well their name to be exact, are at the root of this issue.

Over the years a number of individuals, groups and even politicians have jumped on this bandwagon and last night "anti-skins" ran an ad ran during the NBA finals.  I swear it seems like fewer and fewer people are into this ever year, yet those that are against the name invest more and more money, time and effort into trying to get it changed.

Seriously, is there any point at all in wasting tons of money and effort on such an inconsequential issue? Why not help impoverished Indians or bring needed utilities to reservations?  Maybe take some sick kids to a game?

Back to the name though, what do you Borderland NFL fans think?