Lou Ferrigno, who you might know as "The Hulk" from the 80's T.V. show was fired from Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" on Sunday.

Normally getting fired from that show wouldn't be a big deal, but there was some controversy right before Lou got fired because he told comedian Lisa Lampanelli that "if she was a man he would throw her thru a wall."

Well today, Lou was on the KLAQ Morning show to talk about the controversy.  He talks about why he told Lisa what he did.

"I said it more like a joke, but I did it because she called me a loser. I was doing good when I was project manager, if I was failing then she would be right."

Lou also told us who was the nicest people to work with on the show.  "Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall were very pleasant to work with, I had a good time with them."

Some other things that we found out about Lou is that  he's a deputy sheriff in L.A. and he's gonna be the voice of the Hulk in The Avengers movie that comes out on May 4th.

You can listen to the interview with Lou Ferrigno here:

You can keep up with Lou by visiting his website.