Guess 2013 isn't going to be his year either.

Edward Furlong was arrested (again) on Sunday morning after a domestic disturbance call was made to police. This is the third time Furlong has been in cuffs in the last three months for assaulting his girlfriend; the same one he's assaulted previous times (honestly, I wonder why she's even with him or vice versa).

He was previously arrested on November 21 and October 30th. Furlong is now in Men's Central Jail in LA on $50,000 bond, including a $30,000 for an outstanding warrant.

Aside from his 'assault' issues, back in August Furlong flagged down police to report that his wallet was stolen while asking for directions in a 'drug-infested' type neighborhood in Downtown LA. Funny thing, five days later (still wearing the same shirt) he said he got it back and didn't want to go into details (uh-huh ... yeah).

In addition, (might as well, let's just add stuff) Furlong is now banned from being alone with his 6 year old son, after his ex-wife told a Judge that her son tested positive for cocaine after being with Furlong.

You might remember sweet Edward Furlong back when he was in Terminator 2, he was going to save the world and be a warrior, yeah not so much anymore.