Join us for a Taste of El Paso on November 14th and 15th at the El Paso Convention Center!

Food: God’s gift to man (and woman). Today I had a chance to eat at Star City kitchen and bar located at 2603 N. Mesa in the Cincinnati district.

We kicked off our lunch with a shrimp cocktail shooter. Now, anyone can make a shrimp cocktail it seems but if your looking for THE BEST shrimp cocktail in El Paso, Star City Kitchen and bar is your first stop. Not only does it leave a fresh/explosive taste in your mouth it has little bits of jalapenos to make you want more. Even the toasted bread wedges makes you want to know what bakery they frequent.

Our second course was something that almost knocked me on the floor. It's called a "CHUCO STACK!" OK, let me work this tower of pleasure from bottom to top. It starts out with a thickly sliced piece of smoked ham, a perfectly cooked hamburger on top of the ham, crispy onions, cheese, chili con queso, pico de gallo and toreado's topped off with a sunny side up egg.

The restaurant is open 24/6 and is very welcoming for families or friends to get together for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Happy hour Tues-Sat 4-7 that includes 1/2 apps and $3 signature cocktails (try the Cabojito). C’ya at Star City kitchen and bar soon!