Yesterday I got to attend a seminar with Artist Gaspar Enriquez and actor Cheech Marin at the El Paso Museum of Art

Gaspar Enriquez, who has been an artist for over 30 years shows the importance in tradition, family and expression in each and everyone of his paintings. His collection at the El Paso Museum of Art 'Metaphors of El Barrio' include collections from El Paso and throughout the United States. Apart from the art catching the Chicano experience, it also blends realism with contemporary popular culture. It is very life like and it also deals with relevant issues. Serious and real people. One of the things I admired the most is that the subjects changed, they had children, everyday people and people from El Barrio, where he was from.

Enriquez is currently involved in numerous mural projects throughout El Paso. Also, since 2012, he has done a few sketches and several large portrait paintings as part of commission for the new El Paso Baseball Stadium. In the past, Enriquez also contributed as president of the "Juntos Art Association" and taught art for three decades at Bowie High School.

Check out his artwork as it is amazing to see how realistic these paintings are and if you get a chance, definitely go see them in person. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about!!



In addition to Mr. Enriquez, actor Cheech Marin came to speak to us about Enriquez's artwork and how much he supports the Chicano artwork.

I mainly admire the love for the local talent and the interest that Marin has. Marin let us know that apart from being a full art supporter, he is also a collector and has already collected quite the amount of artwork from his old pal, Gaspar.