When I find out about the passing of a beloved celebrity during a broadcast, I always try to pass on a few words of condolence and commemoration. Often times it is very obvious that I wasn't really that big of a fan and I'm just coming up with stuff I think I know about that celebrity.  Such was the case this morning with the late Donna Summer. Here is the complete list of inaccurate statements I made about Ms. Summer

1.) Donna Summers has past away.

Her name, in fact, is Summer not Summers

2.) Her biggest hit was "I Will Survive".

That song was by Gloria Gaynor, not Donna Summer

3.) It is well known that Michael Jackson underwent all his plastic surgeries in an attempt to look like Donna Summer.

That was Diana Ross.

4.)  Donna Summer gave a famous free concert in Central Park.

That was also Diana Ross.


Also, and in interest of keeping this as brief as possible, here is the list of other corrections from the 3 minutes I spent eulogizing Donna Summer.

Donna Summer did not star opposite Mel Gibson in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

She was never married to Kris Kristofferson.

She was not the voice of Cleveland's wife on "The Cleveland Show"

Donna Summer was, in fact, born a female.

She never served as a body guard for Idi Amin.

Things did not "start going downhill" for her when she married Bobby Brown.

She was not the inspiration for that song by Foxy Shazam.

Donna Summer was not married to Robert Dinero.

"Hot Stuff" was not recorded specifically for the movie "The Full Monty".

"It's Raining Men" was not one of her songs.

She did not record under the name "Little Eva" when she was a teenager. Also, she never was employed by Carole King as a babysitter.

Donna Summer was nowhere near Malcolm X when he died.

It is untrue that the name "Donna" was "virtually unheard of before Donna Summer. I was actually thinking of the name "Wendy" and "before Peter Pan".


I apologize for any confusion this may have confused.