Sometimes, the younger generation can pick up instruments better than others. This little girl, is the perfect example of that!


Li-Sa-X is a 9 year old girl from Japan who has some serious musical chops. She has a youtube channel where you can see her take on some covers, including the one below of Racer X. She has been featured in Guitar World magazine, under their issues about the top Viral Videos of 2013. She made it on the list at number 7 with her cover of Guthrie Govan's "Five." This song is off his 2006 album, Erotic Cakes. She was also featured on the Brazilian tv Record TV for his guitar playing skills and played a few songs for them.

You can check out her skills below on the American heavy metal band Racer X's song, "Scarified." She also has a Facebook page that you can like to see more videos and interviews with the talented 9 year old.