The great people at Funny or Die and Bonnaroo organizer Superfly sent an adorable group of 70-something-year-olds to their very first music festival. From flash tattoos to silent discos, there senior citizens had an experience that they will be telling their grandchildren.

Tonight we kick off the  El Paso Downtown StreetFest and we know all types of people will be out rocking with Rob Zombie, Halestorm and Weezer, this weekend. I always love to see parents passing on their love for rock music by bringing their young children to experience these in types of events.

This video documents a different perspective of concert goers as all the senior citizens in this video are over the age of 70. They look like they had an amazing time and probably could out party half of the whippersnappers they are getting fake tattoos with.

I would love to party with my grandma at StreetFest. We would totally start moshing to some Zombie. You're never too old to rock!