Don't worry if you can't make it to SXSW. Sure you won't be able to party like a hipster rockstar in person, but you can still catch all of the action from your office while you slack away the day. Here's 10 places to keep up with the festival without traveling to Austin:

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    Of course we're going to list ourselves first. We're shameless like that. Buzz, Teresa, Duke, Mando (and me!!) are traveling to Austin to bring you live interviews, performances and all the behind-the-SXSW-scenes shenanigans. I'll be updating our special SXSW page as quickly as my little fingers can type. Yes, I will be the nerd carrying a laptop around Austin. Don't worry, the fanny pack and pen protector stay at home. You can get to our SXSW page under the Morning Show dropdown, conveniently illustrated in the pic below.
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    KLAQ on Twitter!

    We'll constantly be updating Twitter with the stuff we see -- whether it's Foxy Shazam rocking out or a midget riding a unicorn, so follow us and be the first to know! Don't miss a beat by following both KLAQ and the KLAQ Morning Show. I'll be tweeting from Austin, too, and I'm sure Duke will be as well. I'm going to try and persuade Buzz to keep his Twitter up-to-date, too. Maybe I can bribe him with a stripper fit for mayor.

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    KLAQ on Facebook!

    This is the last of the self-promotion, I swear! Are you guys fans of us on Facebook yet? Nothing perks up a dashboard like Ronson's Boobs of the Day. Like us on Facebook and get the latest on our SXSW shenanigans as they happen! While you're tending to your crops on Farmville, you can also check out Duke, Buzz, Monster and Teresa's pages.

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    SXSW Official Twitter

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    Pinterest Boards!

    Who says Pinterest is only for crafters and bakers? It's totally for rockers, too. If you're headed to SXSW, there's a few you definitely want to follow, including one by RockThought, which will keep you informed about all the shows and parties.

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    SXSW Videos

    The unofficial site SXSW Videos features exactly what you think it would -- videos uploaded by people at SXSW.

    SXSW Videos
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    Want to feel like a creepy voyeur by peeking in on strangers' SXSW experience? Then, Twitpic is the place for you! Check out all the photos being tweeted out using the SXSW hashtag. (Was that sentence English? Social media is making us sound like idiots.)

    Oh, and fellas, a lot of hot girls post pics there.