You may have seen by now the dramatic video of the woman giving birth to her baby in the car as her husband drives her to the hospital. This took place in Waxahachie, Texas and mother and daughter are both doing fine. Now, I don’t know what all the laws and ordinances in Waxahachie are, but I do know that if this had happened in El Paso, there would be a number of laws being scoffed at.

Here, watch the video and then I will list the number of laws being broken if this had happened in our fair city/Nanny state.



1.)   The father is filming this on his phone…while operating a motor vehicle!

In El Paso, this is a big no-no which could result in a substantial fine.


2.)   The mother appears to not be wearing a seat-belt. FINE! (I don’t mean it fine that she’s not. I mean she would be subjected to a hefty fine.)


3.)   The baby is not secured in rear-facing child-restraint seat!

This carries a really big fine in El Paso. In fact, a few years ago the EP Sheriff’s department did a “crack-down” where parents who didn’t have an approved safety seat were arrested on the spot and their children placed in protective custody (which probably posed a risk to the child magnitudes of order greater than the risk of not being in a safety seat. The Nanny State doesn’t require things to make sense.)


4.)   The baby is in the front seat!

Again, it is against the law to have a child under 5-foot tall riding in the front of a vehicle. And don’t give me this mumbo-jumbo about the kid only being, literally, a few seconds old. We need to start cracking down on these youthful offenders before they become full-fledged juvenile delinquents!


5.)   Possible illegal lane change.

This one is open for debate. When the dad pulls over on the shoulder of the road it seems like you can hear his turn-indicator clicking. However, judging from the butterfly tattoo on the mom’s thigh and the skull-motif birthing-pillow(!!!), that could just as easily be the clicking of the dice ornament that you know is surely hanging from the rear-view mirror.


6.)   Indecent exposure.

Not only does the mother bare her lady parts while the baby is cresting…she leaves herself exposed to the titillation of any unfortunate semi-truck driver that might happen to unwarily pull alongside. Please, madam! You’re a mother now!!


7.)   While not technically a crime, per se, she has probably ruined the upholstery on the car seat.

I don’t know about Waxahachie, but in El Paso most men would consider that grounds for divorce or, at least, desertion.