I'm sure we have all heard the old country western song 'El Paso' from Marty Robbins. If you haven't heard it, then take a listen to it on the video above. If you check out the website SongFacts.com you can find cool facts about some of your favorite songs.

According to the website, Marty Robbins and his family were driving to Arizona when he wrote the song about El Paso. The  song is filled with a story of him falling in love with a Mexican girl.

Brian Wancho Photography

Back in the day songs were short so a song that was 4 minutes and 40 seconds was considered long. It was a minute longer than any other song on the Hot 100 list. It climbed to the top of the Hot 100 in the first week it was released.

At the Grammys', El Paso won the first ever award in the 'Best Country & Western Performance' category.

Marty Robbins Wikipedia is a pretty cool read. It talks about his success in the music industry and how he tried his hand in NASCAR. The show Breaking Bad featured his song in the final episode of the hit TV Show. I think it should be considered the song of the city.