Day 4 of 31 Days of Great Horror introduces the mighty werewolves! Lots of time is spent on vampires and zombies, but the werewolf movie has some great movies for us as well. Going back to 1981, we received The Howling, with Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee (of Avengers fame) and hottie Elisabeth Brooks giving us some full frontal action!

1981 was a good year for the werewolf, with The Howling and American Werewolf in London. Both had great on-screen transformations in them, but John Landis had a bigger budget, so the American Werewolf in London transformation wins there. The Howling is darker and more serious, without the humor of AWIL, so still stands on its own. The Howling had Elisabeth Brooks nekkid, but American Werewolf in London had Jenny Agutter, so they both work on that level. Enjoy them both!