A 3-year-old boy has gotten his mother in trouble with the law and now she will have to pay thousands of dollars for it.  Dillan is potty training and his mom, Ashley Warden, says he was not near the toilet so he was going to do his business in the front yard.  I think the little guy deserves a lot of credit.  He didn't want to wet his pull-up so he was going to go outside.  But the cop was parked down the street and saw Dillan pulling his pants down and stopped him before he could pee.  It didn't matter that he was in his own front yard on a rural street.  Now Dillan's mom Ashley is looking at a $2,500.00 fine!  For a 3-year-old  peeing in his own yard!  The cop's in Piedmont, Oklahoma must not have a lot crime to contend with.