For a guy who loves scary movies (like me), there's a bunch of cool stuff on the interwebs. Lots of independent filmmakers now have the chance to make the movies they want to make, and they don't really have to cater to the big movie companies, pay exorbitant wages to crap actors, union stuff, site fees (don't tell anyone) get the idea.

It's really cool to see what people can think up and then actually get on film! There are all kinds of movies out there, some are great, some not so much.

There's a cool site and YouTube channel called BlackBoxTV that has tons of little horror films you can watch whenever you're in the mood for something creepy, scary, campy, gory...whatever. And this October 30th, BlackBoxTV has teamed up with some popular YouTube independent filmmakers to release 3 films based on Urban Legends on October 30th.

BlackBoxTV even has a free mobile app so you can watch scary movies on your phone!

There are also some cool behind the scenes things going on with these films...

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