If you didn't make it out to Speaking Rock's free concert last Friday night, you really missed out! Saint Diablo, 3 Pill Morning and In This Moment put on one hell of a show!


Even though a certain venue needs to work on estimating show times, it was totally worth the wait. Saint Diablo kicked it off and demand your attention.. These guys were really awesome going around giving out free song downloads and talking to fans, so help me spread the word by checking out their Facebook and become a fan! They wouldn't let me take a picture unless I was in it so I apologize for the face...


3 Pill Morning ending their set shouting out KLAQ and thanking the station for playing their music! They couldn't stop saying how much they appreciate the fans that call in to request their songs and the DJs that play them. Help support these guys and become a Facebook friend. These guys are really cool to talk to and know how to rock out in suits! Again they didn't let me take a picture unless I was in it and were making everyone take pictures with ridiculous faces,so I must say mine is pretty bad...

Okay, you can quit making fun of my face and check out their video for their single "Skin"!

Finally I want to share my Wayne's World moment meeting Maria Brink! It was Amazeballs to tell her how much "Into The Light" means to me and having her explain her thoughts on writing it. As I waited in line with another guy we planned to shout " We're not worthy, We're not worthy" when we finally got to the front of the line but the guy was too drunk and I was too shy...COME ON IT'S MARIA BRINK!


And this would be my, "I'm not worthy" face..

If you guys missed the concert go ahead and check out the bands, support their music and hopefully they will want to come back to El Paso!