I call it 2 Fer Tuesday, 2.0!!!!!!!

Instead of double shots every time all day; we're gonna switch it up a bit!

We'll do double shots a couple of times an hour.  Double shots of the best of the best bands in that particular sweep!

Just for fun!

As for the 2 Fer Tuesday prize, don't worry.  We're still bringing the freebies; we just made it easier on you!! 

(You don't have to wonder if we played the second song because your phone rang/your significant other wanted to tell you about their day/your idiot boss was asking you question, etc!!)

Now you just listen for us to say; "Hey!  Want a free meal at Hineys??  Call me!!"

Simple .. just like us!!!!!!! 

2 Fer Tuesday, 2.0 ....... ENJOY!!